Virtual Energy Management Program

The energy market has changed dramatically over the last several decadesEnergy systems are changing both fundamentally and rapidly.  The importance of individual energy sources and options for power generation are changing, as are the ways in which electricity is transmitted and distributed.  Power generation is becoming more and more decentralized making grid management increasingly complex.  Electrical consumption continues to steadily rise all over the world.  Meeting these challenges requires cutting-edge products and services covering the entire energy value chain.  Specifically it calls for a comprehensive portfolio of technologies, products and solutions that allow us to actively build our energy future.  

Chambers Energy Group LLC's Virtual Energy Manager program will drive deep energy efficiency savings in less time and cost for our business customers.  We target and segment our customers by energy savings potential and opportunity type, identifying unique operational and retrofit opportunities in buildings.  Our energy specialists will employ energy models to deliver customer insights and recommendations that are more personalized, accurate, credible and effective than any alternative.  Our pay monthly service allows you to buy and use energy more efficiently without having to employ an in-house energy manager of your own.  We provide you with access to your own personal energy manager who will base decisions on a thorough understanding of how your business works.  

Chambers Energy Group LLC offers exceptional services and products and genuine commitment to effectively addressing our customer's individual needs.  Call us today at 405-332-1396 for your assessment today!

Virtual Energy Manager Key Features and Benefits:

  • Accurately assess building energy sustainability opportunities at scale
  • Target and segment customers based on saving potential and opportunity type
  • Engage customers with multi-channel campagins (print, email, phone, in-person)
  • Deliver detailed reports on the findings to scope project
  • Increase portfolio-wide program intelligence to support planning
  • One site visit per year per site
  • Energy reduction report
  • Energy purchasing advice 
  • Online energy monitoring
  • Advice on Demand Side response
  • Advice on Power Factor Correction and Voltage Optimization
  • Advice on generating your own energy

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