Energy Savings Tips:

Tip Four

Remove old caulking from window  and door frames (exterior) and apply new caulking.  Use weatherstipping on sills, sashes and doorjams.

Tip Five

Tip Six

Add insulation to existing insulation in your attic.  Install electrical switch and recepticle cover plate foam insulators.  Seal all cracks in the structure with expanding foam.

Remember to assure that systems and lights are not left on when not in use.

Adjust hot water temperature to not exceed 120 degrees farenheit.  Insulate hot water lines and tank.  Check with mfg of tank to assure insulating blanket will not void the warranty.

Tip Two:

Tip Three:

Adjust thermostat down in the winter and up in the summer.  Each degree, depending on season,will save between 3 and 4% of you hvac energy use and costs.

Change all light bulbs to LED technology.  Longer life, less energy, typically comes with a warranty.

Tip One:

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